EC-Earth in CMIP6

The EC-Earth consortium is participating in CMIP6 with different model configurations as needed for the MIPS. A reference paper for EC-Earth3 with all its configuration is under preparation, and is expected to be submitted by fall 2018. Model configurations and MIPS are listed below:

Each model configuration is involved in at least one CMIP6 endorsed MIP. In the community approach of EC-Earth, each model configuration and each MIP participation is lead by an institutional member, as listed below:

CMIP6 simulations are carried out by several consortium members on different HPC environments. This has several advantages, from allowing different groups to work with the same tool in parallel, to leveraging the burden of ensemble climate simulations. Thereby it is critical to ensure that ESMs provide reproducible results under changes in computing environment. While reproducibility in a strong sense (bit-for-bit) is in general infeasible, it must be expected that results obtained under one computing environment are statistically indistinguishable from those obtained under another environment (reproducibility in a weak sense). EC-Earth has developed a protocol to routinely assess the reproducibility in a weak sense for the EC-Earth3 model system. More information will be provided in the EC-Earth3 reference paper.

EC-Earth has established standard and tools for pre-and postprocessing for all EC-Earth members to ensure that model output from all ESM component models is provided consistently according to the standards provided by the CMIP6 data request (